Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Much better day....

 It was a much better day. There were no nightmares, and no plumbing issues. I got the dogs out in time, so there was no pee in my floor. Thank God! It was all around a great day! My friend whose wedding we attended stopped by with her husband today for a visit. I really enjoyed it. It was the first time he and I had a chance to really talk, and get to know each other. I already liked him because she was happy, but after getting to know him, I like him because he is a great guy.

 I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog, but we are going to Sea World!! We are going sometime next month. My original plan was August 9th-August 12th, but seeing as how that will be the week after I have my toe nail removed, I might have to push that date back. Davis is so excited! We plan on doing the family adventure thing where we get to feed a dolphin. That is what he is most excited about.

 Davis and I made a deal with the whole going to Sea World. He has to try every new food put in front of him. The first time he refuses, and doesn't try a bite, we don't go. I am very serious about this. He refused to even try his dinner Sunday, and so we told him no Sea World. He got up from the table, and said " Fine, I'm not going." Jay told him that he was still going without Davis, and he was going to pet a dolphin. Davis tried the whole reverse psychology on us, and after a few minutes of that he finally came to me, and said " Mommy, I want to go to Sea World, and feed a dolphin." I told him what he had to do, and he did it. As of now he has tried everything put in front of him, and the trip to Sea World is still on. For now.......

 Well, folks that's it for tonight. I am worn out. It is time for bath and bed.

Talk to you guys later.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh what a day.....

 Today started off great, not... I woke up around 5:30 to the sound of Jay's alarm going off. I was thankful to wake up because I was in the middle of a nightmare. I dreamed that I was watching a possession movie (which I never do), and they were performing a ritual. They threw the stuffed animals out of the room, so they wouldn't get possessed. Well, a bear that looks just like Davis' got thrown, but didn't make it out the room, and ended up possessed. I went from watching the movie to being in it, and it was just freaky. Low and behold when I woke up Davis, and that bear was in the bed. I will never look at that bear the same way.

 Well if that wasn't enough I discovered that the toilet was knocked loose this morning, and I had to call the plumber. He arrived, and struggled to fix it. It was not looking good there for a minute. I was scared he wasn't going to be able to fix it. Two and a half hours later, along with $333 it was fixed. Jay wasn't too happy about it, but I reminded him that's why we have savings.

 While we were waiting for the plumber to come, I needed to do some cleaning before he got there. I put off taking out the dogs, so that I could get it all done. I swept, and mopped. I failed to remember the fact that Boudreaux is on steroids, and he REALLY needed to go. So, after I finished mopping my floors, and they were all dry, and fresh, he peed. Like a gallon! It caught me off guard, so I of coursed shouted out his name which caused him to go to his hiding spot behind the chair. Yeah...he was walking, and peeing. Looking back now he was 2 feet away from the front door, I should have just opened it. He is good about coming when called. Instead I stood there listening to him pee. Which felt like a good 3 minutes. I had to mop all over again. I felt so bad for him because I could tell he was embarrassed.

 The highlight of the day was my doctor's appointment. I am having my toe nail removed. I know what you're thinking " that was the highlight?" It was. I have lived with the hideous toe nail for years. I was told it is called a ram's horn. It's gross. While there I saw my supervisor from Penny's. It was so good to see her.You don't realize how much you miss somebody until you see them. She got on me about slacking with my blog post,lol! 

 I had to take Davis with me to the doctor's office. I was a little nervous about this because we are not patient people. We are more instant gratification kind of people. He did awesome! He played around in the waiting room, and quieted down when I asked him too with no arguments. I brought his leap frog I pad thingy (I'm so tech savy), and while we were in the room he played with it. He sat there so quietly that you wouldn't even know he was there. I was one proud mama!

 Well that is all to report today. I will try my hardest to put a blog up tomorrow night. 

 Talk to you guys later


Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Long time no talk. I don't have any excuses. I was basically just slipping, but I am back. There isn't anything really to report. I know, boring right? Yeah, I agree. How have you guys been doing? Anything exciting to report? Any fun vacations? We are thinking about planning one here soon.

 I ended up not having to go back to work. Jay got a raise, and it was just enough to cover the cost of school. I struggled with the decision, and going back just didn't feel right. Something just kept telling me don't do it, and now I know why. I felt bad saying no after I showed so much interest, but it just wasn't the right decision. I still have my fingers crossed that Davis will be able to attend the Mother's Day Out fall program. He has loved going this summer, so for him to be able to attend the fall/spring would be awesome. I would send him 3 days a week instead of 2. I could probably send him 4 days, and it would still be cheaper than the private school. It actually is cheaper. It is about half the cost.

 I have been waiting for about a year for the banquet chef position to open up out here, so that Jay could transfer home. Well, it finally opened up (the chef left), and they promoted the sous chef..... Now I am waiting for the Steak House chef position to open up. I am over trying to sell the house, and moving. It is taking too long for me. I am more of an instant gratification kinda girl.

 Today was kind of rough. Davis has been loving a show, and has been wanting to watch it all day. Did I mention there are only 2 episodes of this show? Yeah, I scrubbed my bathroom floor just to get away from it. That's when you know it's bad. I guess it's a good thing though. My bathroom was starting to smell like "boy". 

 Well that's it for today. I am just dragging. I always stay so tired during the summer time. I guess it's the heat. 

 Talk to you guys later.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Soggy shoes....

  Happy Hump Day everybody! Today was a wet one. I once again have an inch of standing water in certain spots of my yard. One of those spots just happens to be outside my back door. Every time I had to go out back I got a shoe full of water. I tell you there is nothing worse. Well, except of course wet jeans. Yeah, wet jeans are probably number 1.

  The dogs of course have to go splashing through the water when they go out to potty. They break out in a full run with me standing there yelling "Get out of the water!" Then when we come back inside they track leaves, blades of grass, and dirty water through my house. It is so gross. I sweep up all of the bits and pieces, but I won't mop until Friday. It wouldn't make any sense since they will have to go back out in it tomorrow.

  I ventured out to the store today between storms. Davis drank the last of his juice yesterday, and Krogers had the Minute Maid half gallon juice on sale for a $1.00. It is a good deal, and the juice is good. It's in the dairy section, and comes in a carton. While I was there I ran into a former employee of Jay's. She is actually a family friend. We chatted for a little while. We were "those people" you know the ones who stand in the middle of the aisle? I dislike those people. At least I would move, or ask if I was in the way. After talking for a little while we both had to go, and walked to the check out together. On our way I looked through the sliding glass doors, and saw that the sky had once again opened. I decided to hang out a bit longer. After it slacked down I checked out, and headed to the Red Box kiosk. There it was, The Great and Powerful Oz, I was so excited. I cannot wait to watch it. Davis finally gave in to sleep, but it is late. I might wait, and watch it in the morning. I was so excited when this movie came out. I of course ruined it though, and went on wikipedia to read the spoilers. I'm sure it will still be great.

  Well that's it for tonight. I am pretty tired, and I still need to clean my kitchen. Jay won't be home until next Friday night. Yeah, it seems like forever away.

  Talk to you guys later.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My NICU Story.......

  As promised a few weeks ago here is my NICU story......

  I didn't wake up from the surgery, and all until about 5:30p in the evening on Tuesday. So, I didn't see Davis for the first time until Tuesday night. They wheeled me in the NICU up to his isolette . The nurse greeted me, and asked if I wanted to hold him. As soon as she touched him he began to cry. She said he preferred to be left alone. I knew that much was true because he was like that in the womb. He was crying when she put him in my arms, and I said " It's alright Davis". He immediately stopped crying, and gazed in my direction. It was like he was thinking "I know you. Where have you been?" I was instantly in love.


   The first couple of days went great until that Friday morning when I called to see how his night was. His nurse told me that he had 4 out of the 6cc's of food left over from his last meal. They put a feeding tube in through their noses or mouths down to their stomachs, and feed them through a syringe. Before the next meal they "suction" I guess is how you would say it to see how much of the food digested. That morning he only digested 2 cc's. His breathing had also taken a turn for the worse, and he had to be put on a ventilator. That was a bad day. I spent the whole day crying. 

  That night he was in worse shape. His heart rate was dropping. His oxygen levels, even though he was on a ventilator, were low. He was turning gray. I cannot express in words the feelings, and emotions I felt when I thought my baby was dying.  I had only known him for 5 days, but it was the most wonderful 5 days there ever was. When we left that night we didn't know if he would be there in the morning. I cried all the way home. I called my Dad, and told him what was going on, and he told me to pray. I took a shower, and as I getting out the doctor called. Come to find out Davis' pic-line IV came out, and he wasn't getting any of his medicines, or IV fluids. A pic-line IV is an IV that they put into a major artery, so that they don't have to keep sticking him. The possibility of that happening is so rare that they didn't even think to check for it. They only noticed it because his arm was swollen from the fluid going in his arm, and not the artery. My luck I tell ya. After they put it back in he was fine. He had weened himself off of the ventilator by that Monday.

  Two days after our big scare my Dad came to visit. He arrived that Sunday morning, and we headed off to the hospital. He was so proud of Davis. We left the hospital, and went grabbed some lunch. Jay and Daddy then went to Wal-Mart, so Daddy could buy the carseat. I stayed home because who really wants to walk around Wal-Mart a week after a c-section? After we left from our second hospital visit we stopped, and grabbed dinner. I had just fixed our plates, and sat down when I heard my Dad yell "Cyndi come get this!" I turned around, and he was thrusting his plate at me. I grabbed it, and then he started feeling he had to vomit. Jay went and grabbed a trash can. He sat there hollering in pain, and I kept asking did I need to call an ambulance, he would say no. He told me he just needed to go lay down, but he couldn't muster the energy to stand up. I let him sit there for 30 mins before I finally got a good look at his face. He had had a stroke. I called an ambulance, and they took him to the hospital. While we were in the back he just kept apologizing for getting sick. I told him it's not like he planned it. When I thought he was going to get some rest I went home to take a quick nap. The hospital called and woke me up. The nurse told me he had had 4 more strokes while I was gone, and I needed to get up there. When I got there he seemed to be feeling better, and we waited for him to be moved upstairs to the ICU. I called my uncle to let him know what was going on. He and my aunt left, and headed this way. I hung out in his room until it was time for my doctor's appointment.

  After my appointment I went home to gather my thoughts. My aunt and uncle arrived, and my uncle went to the hospital while my aunt and I went to the NICU. For the rest of the day I went back, and worth between the NICU, and the ICU. Later that night while I was at the NICU the hospital called, and said my Dad was coding. We rushed there, and thankfully they were able to bring him back.

  The next few weeks my day was as followed: wake up at 3am and pump, wake up at 7am pump and get ready to go to the NICU, 9am come home and pump then go to the ICU, 12pm pump,eat, and go the NICU...you get the drift. I was on auto pilot. Seriously I was so tired I fell asleep with the breast pump on high for 3 hours. Yeah... This was suppose to be the happiest time in my life, but instead I had 2 important guys in critical care. One, Davis, was doing awesome while the other, my dad, was not.

  Davis continued growing and doing great. He ended up being a feed and grow. We didn't have anymore health scares. He was just so tiny. You can not imagine how small a 3lb baby is. I had one, and cannot remember him that small. I still have one of his diapers from when he first got into the NICU, and it is the size of my palm. All the nurses were fabulous. They were so kind, and just.....there isn't a word for them. My friend whose wedding we recently attended was one of Davis' NICU nurses. I hold a special place in my heart for all of them. The experience probably could of been a lot worse if it weren't for them.

  I also made another friend during our time in the NICU. She was a mom of a preemie as well. Funny thing was we were in childbirth classes together. On the last night of the class Jay noticed they hadn't been there, and said "they must of had their baby". I remember telling him that I had hoped not because she was due 2 weeks before me. I ended up giving birth a week later. That Tuesday night when they wheeled me into the NICU I saw a familiar face smiling at me. It was her. She had her little girl 2 weeks before I had Davis. We became good friends, and since we both stayed home the first year we would go walk the mall in the morning time. I think we helped each other make it through that first year. It was nice having someone going through the same thing as you. Her little girl is doing great. She is smart as a whip, and so pretty. She was always smaller than Davis, but did everything first. They are both little miracle babies.

  On Friday March 20th, I signed the papers to take my Dad off of life support. He passed away at 4:30 in the morning on the 21st. That following Saturday Davis came home from the hospital. It's funny how life turns out. I never imagined my dad not being in my son's life. I always pictured him at the holidays, birthday parties, and baseball games. Now that he is not I think that is the hardiest part of it all. I am sad for me, but I am sadder for Davis. My dad was a wonderful man, and I just wished Davis would have had the chance to know him.

  Well that is it. We were just really blessed. We had an excellent team of medical professionals looking after us, and we made some really great friends in the process. If you have any questions just feel free to ask me in the comment section.

  Now if you would excuse me I have a load of clothes that despite all the pep talks, will not fold themselves. 

  Talk to you guys later.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fun family day....

  We got up bright and early this morning, and headed out the door. Today we finally made good on our talks about going to the zoo. We left the house at about 7:00a.m., and made it to the zoo a little after 9:30a.m. We didn't tell Davis where we were going because we wanted it to be a surprise. He asked several times where we were going, and I finally said "We're going to a broccoli farm. We get to pick our own broccoli, and eat it! Isn't that great?" He agreed half- heartedly. What? Oh, like you don't have a little fun ever once in awhile..... don't judge me.

 When we pulled up at the zoo, and he knew exactly where we were. His little face lit up. He barely sat still long enough to for me to undo his straps on the car seat. The first exhibit we stopped at was the elephants. We made it in time for their baths. I had Jay walk him over though because the smell nearly knocked me down. Davis was down right giddy, and then he was ready to move on to the giraffes. 

  We stopped at other exhibits before making our way to the giraffes. Unfortunately it was HOT today. The majority of the animals were laid out. I can't blame them, I was about to fall out myself. The zoo provided fans with misters through out the park which was fabulous. It was only 10a.m. , and it was close to 90 degrees. My face was beet red, and I was sweating like crazy. Davis' face looked the same as mine. We had to stop, and get some water to cool down. At least some of the exhibits were inside. We at least got a break every now and again.

  After looking at a few animals we made it to the giraffes. He was so excited! They were so close too. That surprised me. They had the option of feeding them, but it was $5 dollars for 3 pieces of lettuce with a 15 min wait. I will own up to the bad parenting move by skipping out on it. Jay was even in on it.It was just too hot. By this point I was just looking for the exit. He was just happy to see them. As a parent there really is nothing better than seeing that look on your child's face.

  Our last stop was the gift shop I was really hoping Davis would get a new stuffy, but he chose some small hard plastic animals. Jay laughed at me because I kept trying to talk him into the stuffies. He told me " it's not what he wants". We payed for it, and dragged ourselves to the hot car. On the way home we stopped at a Mexican restaurant. I believe it is called Iguana Joe's. Seriously the best Mexican food I have ever had. I am still stuffed. Jay was stuffed as well. Like I am hurting stuffed, but still keep thinking about my leftovers in the refrigerator. How sad is that?

  Well that is it for tonight. I am so tired. I am about to slip under the covers, and settled down for the night.

  Talk to you guys later.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slow day....

 Today was a very relaxing day. I didn't even turn the T.V. on until about 5pm when I was heating up dinner. It was so nice. I read Davis a couple of stories, and we just laid around. He played in his room a good bit today while I caught up on some videos. I wrote my menu plan out for next week, and Davis sat beside me at the kitchen table practicing writing his letters. As I sit here writing this blog the T.V. is off, and Davis is asleep. 

 We broke out his Dr. Seuss Favorites book today. He has really been into Horton Hears a Who lately, so I took the opportunity to read him the story. We also read The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and one more I cannot recall. I had to hurry past The Grinch. Davis is scared of The Grinch, and me being the horrible mother that I am will break out singing You're a Mean One randomly. Not to scare him mind you, but just because that is a song that gets stuck in my head....I started singing it in the tool store not too long ago, and he told me to sing a happy song. Back around Christmas time I thought he was just kidding when he would cover his eyes when it was on...I know, I know...That Christmas favorite will not be shown at my house. Sad because it is one of my favorites.

 I am excited to go shopping in the morning. Bath and Body Works Semi Annual sale starts tomorrow. I need some new candles, and smell goods. As soon as I drop Davis off I am heading that way. I am going hoping they have one particular candle. It is normally a fall scent, but the guy told me they might have it for the sale about a month ago. It is the French Baguette scent, and it honestly smells like fresh baked bread when it is lit. Do not be put off by the smell when it is not. It smells liked buttered popcorn when it is not lit. I LOVE this candle. I mean it could just be the fat girl in me, but I burn it constantly.

 Well that's all for today. I wish I had something exciting to share, but it just wasn't that type of day. I'm okay with that. It means I got to lounge around. Not too shabby if you ask me.

Talk to you guys later.